Barbecue chicken cooked over an open fire

The lawns were mowed, the day was beautiful and I had an urge for barbecue chicken cooked over an open fire. With my thoughts on Cooking Outdoors again, I started prepping my fire pit. Chopped up some dry kindling, stacked it over my newspaper and lit the fire.

Dry wood burns fast and I was feeding this fire quickly. My objective was getting the fire stoked for making coals, so I backed off on the bonfire thoughts. I had some dry Plum tree trunks and a bunch Cedar fence board to get my cooking coals going and them and some smoke for the final cooking stages.

Swing out campfire grill grate

Next on the list was to install my swing away grill for the barbecue chicken.

OK, that took all of five minutes, time for a beer! "Obsidian Stout" from Deschutes Brewery, Bend, OR

(This is hard work) I popped the top of a bottle of “Obsidian Stout” from Deschutes Brewery Bend, OR. Excellent, excellent and excellent!! I love this stout! Maybe I should do a beer review? What do you think?

 Swing out campfire grill grate with grilled chicken

Fire is ready, two beer down and it's time for barbecue chicken breast ala fire pit. This time I decide to put a rub onto breasts (no pun intended) and sauce the other four. My rub of choice and a long time favorite for chicken is Gaylord Hauser's Spike All-Purpose Seasoning I have been using Spike for many years and is a quick go to for me, try it out. The other four breast are just salt and peppered to start with, the sauce will go on towards the end. My barbecue sauce of choice this week is Trader Joe's “Kansas city BBQ” sauce.

Cooking time was all of 50 minutes or so. I applied BBQ sauce to the chicken several times during the last 15 minutes, making sure I didn't burn the sauce. During this time I also feed the fire some of that Cedar fencing I mentioned earlier, added a slight smoky flavor to the Spike rubbed chicken. Needless to say it was yummy!! I'll leave you with a photo of the finished product.

Swing out campfire grill grate with grilled chicken