BernzOmatic flexible lighter review

BernzOmatic flexible lighter review

BernzOmatic flexible lighter review

Matches are OK, butane lighters work (sometimes), you could rub sticks or pull out the old magnify glass but none of those compare to the BernzOmatic Flexible Utility Lighter (BZLTR200). It is the blow torch of lighters, fearless of wind and difficult angles or approaches. It is my only choice to light a fire!

  • Perfect for hard to reach places.
  • Adjustable flame.
  • Windproof flame.
  • Refillable.
  • Flexible shaft.
  • Comfortable ergonomic design.

In my many uses of this lighter, I have never experienced the “Damn thing just clicks” syndrome. Click, click, click no flame! You don’t have to go at it a dozen times because it blew out either. This thing is a mini blow torch and you can hear the roar of the flame.

BernzOmatic flexible lighter reviewRefilling is super easy, just press the fuel bottle to the refill valve and watch the fuel window. When its full, you can see it! And I don’t have to refill very often, I get dozens and dozens of uses with each filling.

You can find this cool lighter at many stores, just do a search on the products page.

I couldn’t ask for more! Sorry, wrong ….. the even have one with a bottle opener and one with an LED light! And maybe a case or two from BernzOmatic …… OK, now I am happy.

Check out: BernzOmatic’s website

  • James Coyle

    Purchased a 3 pack of flex lighters and one will completely NOT work no matter what Ive tried ????

  • “The Outdoor Cook”

    Sorry to hear that James. I have never had a problem with them not lighting – ever. I would imagine that there is a small percentage that won’t work right out of the package. I would return it the the store and get an excange or you could contact BernzOMatic customer service at: I have talked to them before and they are very helpful!

    Good luck,

  • mike

    Do Not Purchase this product. Bought it yesturday from Home Depot and left it outside today on a 75 degree day and the thing exploded. Not in a firey burst, but in a “too much pressure” one. If it happened to be in someones hand at the time, it could have been very dangerous. I like the idea of a refillable a lighter, but not at the risk of personal injury.

  • Dave


    I have heard of this myth, You should contact Bernzomatic and make them aware of the issue.