Beer of the Month Club from Amazing Clubs

Beer of the Month Club from Amazing Clubs

amazing clubs logo1 Beer of the Month Club from Amazing Clubs

I love beer, the more variety the better. I don’t get the session beer concept (Drink as many as you can in one sitting) any longer, that I am sure, comes with age. Quality has become more important that quantity, uniqueness over common and flavor has now become paramount.  Finding great beer is difficult when you live in a small town and I have pretty much ran through the whole collection at the local supermarket. Of course I have my favorites and have shared a few of them on from time to time.

Always looking for new items to share on and of course always questing for a new beer or two, I came across the perfect solution to my Craft beer dilemma! Amazing Clubs! As in ”Beer of the Month Club”!

Beer of the month! How perfect can that be?

p7180485 300x225 Beer of the Month Club from Amazing ClubsAmazing Clubs provide the Beer connoisseur new Craft beer every month, delivered right to your front door. When I received my Beer of the Month Club package I was so excited, new beer, on my front porch! Wow, it doesn’t get better than that!

Every month sends out a new club selection, with 30 clubs to choose from you will have everything your heart could possibly desire.  Some of the monthly clubs include:

  • Cake of the Month Club
  • Cheese of the Month Club
  • Coffee of the Month Club
  • Desert of the Month Club
  • Popcorn of the Month Club
  • Salsa of the Month Club
  • Steak of the Month Club
  • Wine of the Month Club
  • and even a Lobster of the Month Club!

My Beer of the Month Club selection was from two featured brewers: Clipper City Brewing Company and Cisco Brewers. 12 Craft beers total

  • 3 – Balto Mãrz’Hon, from Clipper City Brewers
  • 3 – Clipper City Gold Ale, from Clipper City Brewers
  • 3 – Whale’s Tale Pale Ale, from Cisco Brewers
  • 3 – Sankaty Light, from Cisco Brewers

All 12 Craft beers were extremely well packaged and arrived undamaged due to the specially designed shipping case. Inside with my Beer of the Month Club selection was “The Frosted Mug” newsletter a publication of Amazing Clubs. Both Brewers were highlighted in the newsletter allowing me to learn about each brewer and their beers. The history of each brewer and a description of each beer. My first two beers were consumed reading the “The Frosted Mug”.

It’s hard to decide what was my favorite this month, 4 beers to choose from, all enjoyed to the last drop, still left me undecided. Probably the Clipper City Gold Ale, being a Bronze medal winner at the Great American Beer Festival in 2000 helped. These were all quality Craft beers from really good breweries. No back yard bucket brews here. I enjoyed every one.

Beer of the Month Club receives my recommendation for the following reasons:

  • Excitement factor. It is a true surprise to open that box and see what you are getting this month.
  • Quality. Name brand Brewer’s, excellent selection.
  • Packaging. Rock solid! Give it your best big Brown it’s not going to break.
  • Information. I love the newsletter! Great info.
  • Taste. I even gave a couple of beers to a friend to try and received a big hearty thank you for the great beer! Fantastic beers.

Here is a recap of what you get from the Beer of the Month Club:

• 12 bottles of hand-crafted beer every month!
• Beer lover’s newsletter with every shipment!
• FREE SHIPPING every month!
• Personalized gift announcement!
• 100% satisfaction guaranteed!
• Hassle Free – Our experts choose all monthly selections!

Visit Amazing Clubs to view their complete selection of Monthly clubs at or give them a call at 1-800-507-4660. Enjoy!

Mackeson Triple XXX Stout a beer review.

Mackeson Triple XXX Stout a beer review

Mackeson Triple XXX Stout is brewed by the brew-masters of Interbrew UK LTD, Bedfordshire, England. imported by Royal Imports LLC, Cincinnati, OH, USA.

2727656151 13d805c3b8 m Mackeson Triple XXX Stout a beer review.

Mackeson Triple XXX Stout pours an opague black with average foamy head. The head is coffee/creamy brown and adds a yummy froth to the beer. It has slight aromas of coffee, chocolate, and a creamy milk sweetness. This is a extremely drinkable beer, one of my favorites to share with friends being a flavorful stout to complement everyone’s taste.

4.90% ABV makes this beer easy to handle. I would wash this down with a nice big slice of chocolate cake or maybe some chocolate coated strawberries!!!

2727655491 195d52c348 m Mackeson Triple XXX Stout a beer review.

History (from the carton)

“In 1801 the brothers Henry and William Mackeson bought a 17th century brewery at Hythe in Kent, England and began brewing a beer that was to make their name world famous. Top-fermented with special yeasts, Mackeson is brewed from a mix of roasted and chocolate malts. This mix is then carefully blended with lactose sugar to achieve a bitter sweet balance and a smooth rich taste. A truly unique beer, Mackeson is definitely one for the connoisseur!”

600 beer recepies Mackeson Triple XXX Stout a beer review.

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LandShark Lager – a beer review.

LandShark Lager – a beer review

I am a dark beer fan and don’t plan to change anytime soon. However, I am always looking for a new brew to try. Micro brewery’s are producing beers of every flavor and color these days and I couldn’t be a happier man! A six pack of beer will last me a couple of weeks so don’t expect contestant reviews here. I will post as I find them and find them I will.

2643271593 948a730cf5 m LandShark Lager   a beer review.This weeks brew is Land Shark Lager, a pale light colored beer. Without a doubt a Corona clone with out the Corona price. It was only $6.99 at the supermarket. I bought it for my wife as she prefers at pale light beer over my Stouts and Bocks.

Land Shark Lager is a product of the Margaritaville Brewing Company in Jacksonville, FL and is served in Buffett’s Margaritaville restaurants in Key West, Orlando and Las Vegas. Turns out it is a Anheuser-Busch company, oh well.

This beer is made to be “light” and “refreshing” and it is. Lacking the characteristic of a good Micro brewed beer and catering to the “Stronger than water” crowd, it fits the bill of a pale lager. I would have preferred more flavor and a stronger smell but Mr Jimmy Buffet sign his name to this brew and I am going to respect that. No company as big as “The Busch” make a brew without knowing who they are going to sell it to. There must be a market there. My wife liked it and that’s good for me!

2644098550 d727621eb1 m LandShark Lager   a beer review.I would place this in the “Pizza” and “Snacks” category of beers. It’s good for something. It’s a bit fizzy and I don’t like that. Lite flavored and mediocre, it’s a massed produced bottled beer that’s good for parties of lite beer drinker not for someone who like to savor every sip. Its tough to find anything else to say that doesn’t fit in the American mass produced micro beer description. Its thin, too sweet and over carbonated.

I’ll buy it for my wife if she asks but until that time …..

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