Easy Dutch oven biscuits

Last year we had a D.O.G. (Dutch Oven Gathering) at Jamestown Historic Railtown. Everyone was cooking their favorite dishes for the days meal and having fun talking with each other. I remember when the food was served, we had several large pots spread on the table including these beautiful biscuits. I looked at them with complete envy, I couldn't make biscuits if my life depended on them. Mine always come out tasting good but flat like a pancake.

My theory is a fishing urban tale/fact to me. Some people can catch fish all day long with just a worm other people will spend hundreds of dollars on equipment and catch nothing! You place one of each type of person next to each other and the facts hold true. I think it's their personal “Scent”, some people just plain ol' smell good to fish and some don't. Ya know what I mean?

I think the same hold true with biscuits. Biscuits don't like my “Scent”, now laugh all you like but I am sticking to that theory.

Back to those beautiful biscuits. One of the diners, Sandy, came up to me and asked if I had cooked these biscuits, sorry not mine. Now I know Sandy is an excellent D.O. cook and has competed in competitions over the years. He went on to exclaim how incredible these biscuits were, “The best he ever had” and so on. I pointed him over to Bill, pretty sure he cooked them up. Well Sandy wandered over and ask Bill if the biscuit were his and could he have the recipe to these incredible biscuits?

Now I have know Bill for several years and he is a clever rascal. Well, sure enough, Bill says sure and hold up a blue bag with the words “Pillsbury” printed all over it. I about wet my pants, I was laughing so hard my food went everywhere. Bill just stood there grinning and Sandy walked away with a lesson about Bill.

I learned a lesson also. I can now make biscuits in a Dutch oven!!! Thanks for the great idea Bill.

Here is my routine for easy biscuits:

Easy Dutch oven biscuitsGet your self some pre-made biscuits, any brand or type will do.

Easy Dutch oven biscuitsGrease your Dutch oven. Eight biscuits will fit perfectly in a 10″ Dutch oven. 30 biscuits will fit in a 14′ Dutch oven. Preheat you lid, this will start those biscuits rising right away. Remember you are baking so use the 4 up – 4 down measurement with you coals. That will give you about  350° .

Easy Dutch oven biscuits

Cook per the instruction on the label. About 15 minutes or so. Rotate the lid and pot every 5 minutes in opposite directions to eliminate hot spots.

Biscuits are with-in every ones grasp using these simple tips and techniques. Go out and try some if you can't catch any fish either…..