Flip Once or Flip Often | How to Grill Steaks

How to Grill Steaks with the “Flip once” or Flip often” methods to grill the juiciest most tender steaks ever.

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Video Transcript:
How do you flip your steaks?
Do you to flip once?
Or do you flip often?
Which method is better?
Here I have two steaks fairly similar in size.
Our flip-often steak is on the left.
Our flip-once steak will be on the right.
I’m going to be flipping these about every minute to minute and a half.
And 2 minutes would be okay also.
The flip-often concept is that we are continuously redistributing the juices back towards the center of the meat.
And here they are done.
After letting them rest for 10 minutes, the flip-often steak had almost no juices leaking out where flip-once steak had a lot of juices leaking out.
Let’s cut them open.
This is the flip-once steak, cooked beautifully, and it looks juicy.
Here’s the flip-often steak.
A lot more juices.
Is this a scientific test?
Well, no.
But it should give you something to think about.
So give this a try.
Check it out.
Let me know what you think flip-once or flip-often?
Hey, that’s it.
Thanks for watching.
This is Gary House with Cooking Everything Outdoors show.
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