How to Grill Pizza without a Pizza Stone


How to grill pizza without a pizza stone! You don’t need fancy grilling equipment to make a great pizza. Just this one simple tip will change the way you grill pizza without extra grilling accessories.



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Video Transcript:

How to Grill Pizza without a Pizza Stone?
If you don’t have one of these, then you can try a pizza tray, or stainless steel, or flip a cast iron skillet upside down, or use a baking tray or do it how I like to do it, directly on the grill grate.
Get your coals hot and ready, oil up your grill grate; place your pizza dough directly on the grate without any toppings.
Let’s char the bottom side first.
This only takes a couple of minutes, goes really fast.
Check to make sure it’s ready.
Flip it onto your pizza peel.
Build your pizza.
This is just going to be cheese, little sauce, little cheese, pop it back on the grill grate.
And cook till it’s done.
No more soggy centers.
Try this.
It works.
Hey, that’s it.
Thanks for watching.
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How to Grill Pizza without a Pizza Stone