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It is so simple to make perfect rice on the grill using foil cooking packets!

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How to Make Foil Packets for Grilling video:


Video Transcript:
Rice on the grill?
Seriously, it’s really good.
So you can use either white rice or those really easy-to-use box rices.
We’re going to use this one right here.
You’ll need some good heavy-duty aluminum foil.
You’ll need a good size sheet, a little longer than wider.
To make our foil pouch for cooking our rice, you need to fold it in half and start working on the sides.
Fold it, crease it, fold it, crease it really tight, 5 times.
Now just follow the package instructions.
If you’re making a boxed rice, pour in the rice.
Pour in the seasoning packet.
Add your butter.
And add your water.
Seal the top, at least 5 folds.
Seal it as tight as possible and make sure all your folds are facing the same direction.
You will need to leave room for expansion.
Now, heat up your grill for indirect cooking.
Cook for the recommended time.
Mine was 25 minutes.
To test it, take some tongs and give it a jiggle.
If it’s slashing around, it’s not done.
Carefully remove your foil packet and let it rest.
Yes, just like a chunk of meat you want to let rice rest.
10 minutes later we open it up and ooh, ah, grilled rice.
I guarantee it has even more flavor than you were to cook it on the stove.
Hey, that’s it.
Thanks for watching.
This is Gary House with Cooking Everything Outdoors show.
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