How to Make Foil Grilling Packets Video

How to make foil grilling packets to make your grilling recipes amazing!

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Video Transcript:
Adding foil packets to your grill or campfire can turn a simple piece of meat into a delicious meal.
Here are some of the foil packets that I like to use.
The Tent Foil Packet is perfect when you have some tall food or need room for expansion.
The 2 Handle Foil Packet is perfect for placing something in the coals of your campfire and handles make it easy to pull it out.
The Rice Foil Packet is a great way to add rice to your grill.
Just make sure you fold the edges over 5 or 6 times and seal them tight so the water doesn’t escape.
The Flat Foil Packet is similar to the rice packet.
You just don’t have to put as much time and effort into the seams.
Just throw your food in there, crimp the edges and you’re done.
A Round Foil Packet is just that.
It’s a quick way of sealing in the food by rolling up the edges.
Of course, you can just put the food on top when you make your own for foil skillet.
And I hope these foil packets turn your next grilling experience into a meal.
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How to make foil Grilling packets