How to Properly Light Propane Gas Grills

9 simple steps for the beginning or intimidated griller to Properly Light a Propane Gas Grill.

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Video Transcript:

How to Properly Light a Propane Gas Grill?
If you are the new owner of a propane gas grill or perhaps, a little intimidated by the one that you already have, these simple steps are going to get you safely lit and cooking.
Step 1: Turn the valve on top of your propane tank, a quarter turn.
Step 2: Open the lid to prevent propane build-up.
Step 3: Find your ignition burner knob and see there has a little flame or lightning mark on it or will actually say ignition burner.
Step 4: Turn your ignition burner to the high mark.
Step 5: Press your electronic ignition button until the flames start.
Step 6: Visually check to make sure the flames have ignited.
Step 7: Turn on all the burners to high to preheat your grill.
Step 8: Turn your propane tank valve all the way open.
Step 9: Close the lid, preheat your grill for a good 10 to 15 minutes and start grilling.
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How to Properly Light a Propane Gas Grill