Introducing the Rouxbe Cooking School

Mise en Place, shiffinade, braise, sear, suc, fond, roux and so on, common everyday terms used by chefs everywhere, all terms that I have recently learned from the online classes at extended the opportunity to preview their online cooking school and affiliate program a few months back and I eagerly accepted.

The concept is quite brilliant when you look at how expensive traditional cooking school can be, $20,000 plus to learn how to be a chef, but not everyone wants this career path or desires this in-depth education. By teaching the basic fundamentals of proper cooking techniques, along with instruction interaction and amazing recipes, has hit the nail on the head at a price that just makes sense. classes, presented and delivered in amazing detail, each set shot in HD video that is clear and concise. With set-by step instructions, vivid photographs, tests to help your retention and the ability to interact with other students and staff, cooking lesson are just fantastic!

Am I impressed, yes! So impressed by the preview of the classes and recipes I was able to cook, when my free preview of was over I purchased the lifetime membership for myself. Almost every day I take a few minutes to view a lesson, hang out in the member’s forum, cruise through the recipes or watch a video. I do almost 100% of this on my iPad from wherever I am located at the time.

So, why the sales pitch you might be asking.

First and foremost Full Disclosure: I have signed up to be an Affiliate of This means if you purchase a membership at, I get a small commission, nothing different from what you find when you buy something on many other websites out there. This helps stay solvent. OK, legal stuff concluded…

Second – I will be posting many of their videos on the website for you to enjoy and learn from, they are the best educational videos around.

Third – Recipes, you will be enjoying some amazing recipes on as I convert them from indoor kitchen recipes to outdoor cooking recipes, showing you many new techniques, styles and flavors. Something I am very excited to share.

Now here is the sales pitch for

Rouxbe Online Cooking School & Video Recipes

What is the Rouxbe Cooking School

Rouxbe is the world's leading online cooking school that teaches cooks of any level to become better and more confident cooks.

Rouxbe is a different kind of cooking website

Rather than focusing exclusively on recipes, Rouxbe teaches the cooking skills and techniques behind great recipes. Using stunning close-up instructional video, practice recipes, interactive quizzes, and personalized chef feedback, Rouxbe's 70+ online cooking classes provide professional instructional on knife skills to plating and virtually everything in between. Perhaps best of all, with Rouxbe you can now take cooking classes from your home, on your schedule, and at your own pace.

The path to becoming a better and more confident cook

Would you use a map to teach you how to drive? Probably not. Yet some people rely entirely on recipes to teach them how to cook. As with most skills, learning the fundamentals can lead to a lifetime of enjoyment and success, and cooking is not different.

By learning fundamental cooking skills and techniques, practicing with delicious recipes, and getting personalized feedback from professional chefs, you'll quickly become a better and more confident cook. And with Rouxbe, you can do it all in your home, on your schedule, and at your own pace.

Who created the Rouxbe Cooking School?

The Rouxbe Cooking School was founded by two professional chefs in 2005 and was developed in partnership with Northwest Culinary Academy – an accredited culinary school. The Rouxbe Cooking School is now being used by home cooks, culinary training programs, and culinary professionals around the world.

How many videos does Rouxbe have?

Rouxbe has over 1,100 close-up instructional videos that capture the exact same curriculum found in professional cooking schools around the world.

Anything Free?

To access the Rouxbe Cooking School, you need to become a paid Rouxbe student by selecting one of our tuition plans. You can access a few sample cooking school lessons and a few full step-by-step instructional video recipes on the site. However, to access 70+ online classes that include over 1,000 videos you have to join Rouxbe.

Introducing the Rouxbe Cooking School

OK, sales pitch over!

If you are a member of, let me know how you like it and visit me on the forum!