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Hey, everyone, it’s almost Super Bowl time and I’m breaking out my Monster Stacker Burgers on the Cooking Everything Outdoors show.
Gary House with the outdoor cook Cooking Everything Outdoors show, I hope you try this at home.
So what exactly is a monster stacker burger?
It’s huge I got to tell you.
But it’s also a lot different than what you’re used to.
For one thing I’m using the cedar trays again.
And I just made them up real quick out of regular cedar planks.
They are 5” x 5.5” x basically 2.5” tall on the outside.
On this one, which I’m putting my ground beef into, my hamburger I’ve drilled a couple of little weep holes in there so that the grease will drain out as it cooks.
And this one, which I’ve already used twice, is what I’m going to be putting my bun in and you can tell from the size of these things these burgers are going to be massive.
I really don’t think anybody can eat one by themselves and you’ll see what I mean when I’m done.
Let me go over the ingredients.
Now mind you on the ingredients, you can do this anyway you want.
When I made my first one I had mushrooms in there and onion and cheese and other stuff that really…that I think had had help you as in there too and it just really pops.
This is just a basic to get you started how to do it.
Now first off, I’m making hamburger buns from scratch, got this great recipe on and I’ll have that up on the website for you.
We’re going to take our hamburger bun and we’re going to bake it and it’s going to be the size of this, the inside of this box, using about a pound and a quarter of 85-15 ground beef.
Couple slices of really thick sharp cheddar cheese.
Really thick red onion slice.
And a couple of green chili slices, going to go on our stacker burger.
Top that all off I’m going to season the layers with Brazos sizzling steak rub which I just absolutely love.
Topping all of that off I’m going to be using Stubbs barbecue sauce.
This is the Smokey Mesquite.
You’re probably familiar with that.
And I’m also going to be using the iGrill to monitor the internal temperature so I don’t overcook it.
Couple of other tools you’re going to need because we’re putting wood in a grill, fire.
You’re going to need a nice fire extinguisher.
I always keep a bowl of water to squirt in case of getting flare-ups.
Feel free to drop it as necessary.
Pair of pliers, screwdriver.
Some heavy duty gloves.
And we want to do is preheat our grill.
Our bun is going to cook at 425, about 25 minutes until it’s actually done because it’s really big hamburger bun.
This recipe that you can find on the website from Taste of Home will make 3 buns this size.
So if you had 3 pounds of hamburger and 3 each of these goodies and 6 planks cedar trays you could have a massive, massive meal.
And I want to preheat these boxes up a little bit especially the one I’m going to be baking the bread in.
It’s going to help a cook a lot easier.
And then I’m also going to burn off some in anything that might be in there that I don’t know about or can’t see.
So we’re at 475.
When I open this up temperature is going to drop.
It’s pretty cool out there.
These are only going to go on for probably 3 or 4 minutes.
It’s going to be real quick.
We’ll hear popping and snapping and we’ll know it’s at the right point.
In a couple of minutes these are starting to char up real nice so I want to get them off.
Like that we just warmed it up.
Getting a little burn on there.
They are hot, so be careful.
To get started I want to take some spray, just coat the inside a little bit so our hamburger buns don’t stick.
So our hamburger bun here I’ve pre-made, actually did this yesterday and it’s maybe a 20-minute recipe, really goes really, really, really fast.
Not a lot of…5 minutes of kneading, couple minutes of mixing and you let it sit for a few minutes and really you cook.
So get it somewhat squared up and set it in your cedar tray there.
I like to take little knife and give me a little bit of a couple slices on there for some decorative affect.
Absolutely not necessary.
And this is going to go into our barbecue grill at 425 for about 25 minutes and we’ll use a toothpick to test to make sure it’s done.
Right in the center.
Reason we want to do that is because I really want it to cool off a little bit when we go to assemble all of this.
So we’ll start prepping our monster stacker burger.
The less you play with this, the better.
And what I wanted to do is divide this up into fourths, however you want to do that you’re welcome to.
This happens to work for me.
And these are my layers.
So getting back to our cedar box with the grease weep holes in there and give that a good spray.
Now one of the questions you might have is why I didn’t soak these trays?
Well, I haven’t really found the need to do it.
And I don’t have anything more scientific than that.
I do have my barbecue with just the burners go in this direction on this Weber.
I have the one in the middle off.
I watch them like a hawk.
If it looks like they’re going to catch on fire I’m ready for them.
But I haven’t found the need to soak them yet.
May change that opinion down the road I’m not sure but for now and for all purposes I’ve been putting them in there dry and they’ve worked out just fine.
Do what you think is best.
If you need to soak them, soak them for a couple hours and you’ll be good in good shape.
So take your first layer of hamburger.
It’s going to be, you know, pretty darn thin here and that’s okay.
This could really probably use 2 pounds of burger if you want but I’m finding that 1 and a 1/4 to 1 and 1/2 pounds of hamburger works pretty darn good.
Some stuff will leak, that’s no big deal.
And I’m going to take my first slice…oops, excuse me…first I’m going to take my steak rub and sprinkle that over the top on each layer.
And I’m going to take my onion ring and set that in there.
Take another 1/4 of my hamburger.
And you notice I’m not meshing it, making into a bowl or anything.
I’m just spreading it now as delicately as I can to capture and surround the stuffing ingredients that are in there.
And so we have another layer there and it looks pretty darn good.
Another nice sprinkle.
Let’s get our peppers.
And lay them in there.
You’re feeling this yet?
I tell you this is good.
Take another chunk of burger.
Let’s take this larger one here and spread that out over the peppers and we’ll have just enough room to get our cheese in there.
And we’ll take a little sprinkle brasero.
Get our cheese, lay on the top.
Last of the hamburger.
Worked that all around until you’ve got your stuff ingredients fairly well covered.
You’re going to get shrinkage on this.
But for the most part that’s what we’re talking about.
Okay, we’re going to let our hamburger bun go a little bit longer and when that’s about halfway cooked I’m going to put my monster stacker burger in there and start cooking at it.
That’s 2 inches of hamburger glory right there.
I know you’re going to appreciate that.
We’ll get cooking here in just a minute.
Our hamburger bun for our monster stacker burger is just about done.
Got my want monster stacker burger prepared.
I want to take my probe with my wireless iGrill and I’m going to insert that, pass the cheese, right about in the center there and I’m only doing this because it makes it a lot easier to determine how well this has cooked on the inside.
First time I did this a little while back kind of overcooked it and I realize that you just can’t guess at this.
It’s too big.
It’s too massive to guess at and depending on what you insert in the middle of this thing can affect the cooking time also.
So let’s get this started.
Oh, look at that hamburger bun.
That is coming along nice.
Let’s scoop that over to the side.
Get our hamburger right in there with that.
Get my iGrill going.
And we’re cooking baby.
Using that toothpick test which is inserting it into your cooked bread or whatever, if it comes out dry that means it’s done.
Our monster stacker burger hamburger bun is done.
Let’s get that out.
We’ll be able to let that cool off.
Here’s that bad boy.
Let’s get it out of our box.
Simple as that.
We want this to cool off.
And there should be.
So we’re going to let this cool off and then we’ll slice it, get some layers out of that so we can put our monster stacker burger together.
So we’re at 105 degrees according to the wireless iGrill.
Now we need to add our barbecue sauce.
Get a little Stubbs.
Look at that.
Got some of that cheese oozing through.
Hamburger is browning up beautifully, all the grease is dripping down creating these incredible aromas.
And now I’m going to slather our barbecue sauce because this is how we are going to finish it off.
And I wanted to dribble down the sides too.
So don’t be afraid to get a little bit love on there.
Alright, let’s finish cooking it.
I’m looking for about medium.
Okay, we’re really just about done but one thing I’m going to pull a little switcheroo.
This is the bun I just made and it didn’t rise as much as I’ve wanted to because the dough was a day old.
And this is the bun that I made the day before and it’s much larger and I’m able to get 3 slices out of it which is exactly what I’m looking for.
And that’s what we’re going to use.
So [inaudible] after may be.
So this is at 140 by the time I get it out and get it out of the box it’s going to be about 145.
So medium is about 140.
It’s going to creep on a little on the high side at 145 and that’s okay.
I’m good with that.
I’m also want to toast up the middle slice of my bread here real quick too, so.
Look at that.
Man, oh man!
I want to get my probe out of there.
And hey, here’s the alarm that just went off.
Little Willie & Lobo there.
How do I turn that off?
IGrill wireless, cool.
If you haven’t heard of Willie & Lobo, go look them up.
You’ll love them.
Flamenco guitar, little Gypsy Boogaloo with the violin.
So here is our very large stacker burger and we need to get that out of there.
That’s where the pliers and the screwdrivers are going to come in handy.
But first, I want to toast this up just a little bit.
Okay, let’s get this burger out of here.
And what I like to do, now this is really, really hot, I’ll take a screwdriver and I’ll just find a loose joint there because these are only connected with a couple nails.
And it’s going to be messy.
But we’ll get this pried open and then I will separate it with pliers here.
I just want one side of this off.
That’s all I’m looking for.
I got cheese oozing everywhere.
Spin this around, so maybe you can see what I’m doing here.
My channellocks.
That’s done.
Let’s set this aside out of the way.
We have our monster stacker burger in there.
I hope you can see.
Now what I have to do is get this out of tray which is really not that difficult.
Nice little spatula lifts it all out.
We’ll set it right there.
You can admire the size of that bad boy.
And let me get my handy little garbage can there.
Double-check my bread.
Just wanted it slightly toasted.
And when that’s done we’re going to build this.
Okay, I decided to toast the top and the bottom up a little bit too.
So now we’re going to build this and what I do is I will take my all stack burger here and I’m going to…basically I’m going to cut it in half.
Now there is a section in there where my chili peppers are right in the middle, so I had hamburger, onion, chili peppers and hamburger and then cheese and then hamburger.
And I’m just going to find the halfway point here and I’m going to very carefully, because it’s still really, really hot I’m going to cut it right in half as evenly as possible without cutting my fingers off.
So let’s see here.
First things first, put the whole thing on top of the bottom and then I will lift the top off.
Oh, look at that.
I don’t know if you can see how cool that looks.
You can see the chili peppers in there, the cooked onion, the hamburger.
And at this point, of course, I need to add a little bit more barbecue sauce to the middle.
I’m just going to drizzle some of my Stubbs on there, put my middle piece on, put my top stacker on.
Umm, plenty of sauce there.
Can’t have a burger without a little bit of tomato and lettuce.
Entirely optional.
These are Roma tomatoes.
Our big giant beef steaks available this time of the year.
Some nice lettuce on there.
My hamburger bun.
And hooya, that there, my friends, is the Cooking Everything Outdoors monster stacker burger, just in time for the Super Bowl.
How are you going to eat it, I have absolutely no idea.
Actually I do.
Let me show you a couple of things here.
Okay, how do you eat this?
I’ll show you in just a second but first off I got to say my little spiel.
I want to thank my sponsors,, Camp Chef,
I want to also remind you that you can leave a comment down below on YouTube.
I really appreciate those.
I’ll respond every one of them.
Give this video a big thumbs up.
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Any questions just send me an email at info@cookingoutdoors,
Let’s slice this up, serve it and get a bite out of this thing.
So what I do is I take and I will quarter this up so that it is easy to slice.
And using this centerpiece here I will triangulate everything very gently.
What we’re going to get is four giant burgers out of this.
That is certainly going to satisfy anybody to any kind of appetite.
So let’s take a look at this.
Hopefully they won’t fall apart on me.
These are absolutely monstrous burgers.
Yes, more importantly that I don’t drop them.
And you can get just a small idea of how amazing these really, really are.
Let’s see here how do we do this?
Like that I think.
Get that other one in that plate.
There you are.
Game on.
This is Gary House Cooking Everything Outdoors.


Monster Stacker Burgers