A family favorite around here, Dutch oven French Toast “Monkey Bread Style”, also known as French Toast Casserole is an easy to make classic. Dutch oven cooking fans will love the simplicity of making this recipe and their friends and family will love the results. Starting out with a whole loaf of french bread of your choice, I like “Dutch Crunch”, makes this extra easy to prepare. You only need a few extra ingredients to complete your Dutch oven French Toast “Monkey Bread Style” recipe.

Equipment needed:

  • 10″ Dutch oven
  • Skillet (You could use the Dutch oven lid)
  • 25 charcoal briquettes


Dutch oven French Toast “Monkey Bread Style” ingredients

French bread mix:

1 – loaf of “Dutch Crunch” french bread
5 – large eggs, scrambled
1 1/2 cups – milk
1/4 cup – granulated sugar
1 tsp – cinnamon
1/2 tsp – vanilla extract
1/2 cup – chopped pecans
1 cup – oats & more cereal

Brown sugar topping:

5 – tbsp unsalted butter
3 – tbsp brown sugar
1 – tsp cinnamon
2 – real maple syrup

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