Great questions this week, from What Tools do you Need to Clean a Grill to Converting Recipes Math!

Jim sent me this question:

“Gary, love your show! It’s almost winter and I need to put away my grill for the season, yes I know it’s against the law in most states 🙂 My question is: What tools do you use to clean your grill before storing?”

Ken C asks:

“Hi Gary , Do you have any merchandise for sale, Aprons, Coffee Mugs, T-Shirts etc. Did some hunting on your website and didn’t find anything. Thanks”

fralican comes back with another question about my How to Convert Recipes Using a Conversion Factor video:

“But it doesn't work for huge quantities, right? Like for 100 servings? Isn't it better to base the multiplication on weight in that case?”

Finally Pigskin Barbeque shares their method for cooking Tri-Tip:

“I got my first tri-tip earlier this year and I trimmed it to 1/8 inch of fat. I did this so I could sear it a bit longer plus I cooked it to 145 degrees. After cooking I removed the remaining fat and it was juicy.”

Q & A with Gary | Nov 3, 2016

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